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Articles on the Internet

A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace
A Cypherpunk's Manifesto

Free content

It might seem as if greed and exploitation are what fuels the web, but there are a surprising number of oases out there.

Project Gutenberg Internet Archive Open Culture SomaFM Radio Garden

Free educational content

Not every course on every website listed here is free, but many are. Remember to choose options like "audit" to get the content free of charge.

Coursera edX Khan Academy Udacity

Different on the Internet

The WELL Something Awful (SA) LiveLeak TempleOS

Security, Privacy

Have I Been Pwned? The Electronic Frontier Foundation Privacy Tools


WikiLeaks Cryptome

News for nerds Slashdot

Search engines

Duck Duck Go
Wiby - The search engine for classic websites

Browser extensions

Use Greasemonkey (addon) and Google Hit Hider (script) to filter search results. Compatible with Google and DuckDuckGo.

Google Hit Hider

If you only use google (consider replacing it with DuckDuckGo/Qwant):

Google Search Filter

Simple new tab replacement with TODOs

Somewhat useful and generally not harmful software

7-Zip - file archiver for Windows
Arch Linux Audacity
CentOS Chocolatey
Debian doom-emacs
Electrum Emacs
KDE Krita Matrix Pi-hole
Slackware Linux SMPlayer
Unbound Visual Studio Code


If you are to purchase an ebook, I can recommend The Pragmatic Bookshelf; the books I have bought have been updated frequently, both errata and new content.

No Starch Press is another bookstore I endorse.